St. Marineh







    Aragatsotn  - is a province in the state of  the Great Hayk. It has included Hoktemberyanís Echmiadzinís Ashtarakís  nowdays spheres, and a part of Talinís and  Nairiís spheres(3050km2). It was called Votn Aragatso. Amenian  capitals Armavir and Vagharshapat were there, too. Vardgessavan settlement  has been based on in Aragatsotn,too,which on the daysí of Vagarshak A king (117-140) was renaimed Vagarshapat, becoming the capital of the Great Hayk .

Now  days  region  of  Aragatsotn  has  inherited  its  name  from  province  Aragatsotn  of  Ajrarat. 

The  territory  of  the  region  is  27  square  kilometre,  the  population  is  141000  people,  the  centre  is  town  Ashtarak.

The  geographical  significance  of  the  region  is  that,  it  is  situated  between  the  capital  city  of  Yerevan  and  the  highest  mount  Aragats.

The  natural  conditions  are  various.  The  lowest  point  is  950m.  but  the  highest  is  4090m.  

There  are  not  only  natural,  but  many  historical  and  architectural  monuments,  too.

On  the  territory  of  the  region  many  constructions  of  the  Middle  Ages    are  spread.  They  are  either  standing  or  destroyed  position.

Near  the  centre  of  the  region,  in  the  village  Oshakan  the  grave  of  St.  Mesrop  Mashtots,  who  originated  armenian  letters.  That  place  has  been  as  a  sacred  place,  for  ages.